OZALIWA is an incorporated not-for-profit association for Zambians living in Western Australia, their spouses and families as well as non-Zambians living in Western Australia who have an interest in the objectives of the Association.


Those objectives include:

  1. To identify and serve the needs of Zambians living in Western Australia including mentoring of youths, settlement and bereavements;
  2. To promote Zambian culture;
  3. To foster co-operation between Zambians and other communities in Western Australia;
  4. To establish and maintain a means of communication between Zambians living in
  5. Western Australia and Australian institutions on social, spiritual and intellectual matters;
  6. To provide a forum for the dissemination, discussion and debate of information and knowledge about matters of interest for Zambians living in Western Australia;
  7. To nurture, promote, develop and, protect the interest of Zambians in Western Australia.


The organization was initially established in 2005 and was incorporated as a not-for-profit association on 25 March 2009. This initiative that was inspired by a recognized and significant need to unite, inform and advocate for the growing number of Zambians in Western Australia. OZALIWA continues to provide social support networks to Zambian who are new to Western Australia by helping them to settle and find their feet in their new community.

General Activities, Events & Community Initiatives

OZALIWA has also previously managed to facilitate work experience and Industry placements of students in industries in their relevant fields of study. This has been achieved in partnership with the African Processionals of Australia (APA).

OZALIWA also partners with other culturally and linguistically diverse Communities (CaLD) on different projects and events that foster community inclusiveness as well as provide professional networking opportunities.

Since its inception, our organization has previously played host to several Zambian government ministers and diplomats and other Zambian business officials. OZALIWA continues to look for opportunities to work with local, state and federal governments through community partnerships.

Today OZALIWA prides itself of a presence of over two thousand five hundred (2,500) Zambians in WA members who range from students, supporting spouses and their children to skilled professionals in various industries.

OZALIWA hosts a number of events throughout the year. These include academic, industry, family fun day, sporting and other community events aimed at cultural exchange and personal and business development activities for its members.

OZALIWA regularly gets involved in events and activities organized by other migrant communities in Western Australia.

We have particularly strong partnerships with other African migrant organisations that seek to strengthen the ties between their members and the broader Western Australian community.

Ozaliwa continues to identify and align itself with other like-minded Community organisations in order to promote social inclusion on various socio-economic matters that contribute towards the advancement of all Africans and the wider Australian Community.